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MEDITATION - ONLINE now available!

Meditation for a healthy body and mind

Free Your Mind ~ Free Your Muscles!

Healthy muscles and minds rely both on relaxation and exercise! 

Many of us spend much so time training, under stress, or in our heads that our muscles are constantly activated, even when they could be at rest. For optimal health and recovery, learn how to let them stop working and benefit from relaxation. 

Tight muscles restrict blood flow, creating toxic buildup and limiting oxygen and nutrient transport​. Relaxation aids in healthier circulation and cellular function because blood flow naturally brings oxygen and nutrients to your cells and carries away the toxins. Through improved body awareness, we can learn to give permission to our mind and muscles to release layers of stress and tension, allowing healing.

By letting go of past and future concerns, we can find balance and clarity in the stillness and simplicity of the present.

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