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Do you have a group of 5 or more? Suggest a date for any of the following workshops. Just email me, and I will try to accommodate you by offering the workshop you seek!   720-443-2537


  • $10 per person for 5-9 people;
  • $5 per person for 10-24 people;
  • $50 for Private sessions (1-4 people may split the price.)


  1. Begin in your body: Enhancing presence, health, & meaning in your life
  2. Gardening & Body Mechanics: Healthy Hobbies! Learn to position your body so that you enjoy the physical benefits and relaxation of gardening without straining your muscles!
  3. WORK & Body Mechanics: Whether at a computer, or doing physical labor, learn postures and movements that protect your body at work!
  4. Living, Moving, & Eating Green (3 Parts)Healthy cooking: Vegan made easy 
    • Gear up to shop by bike!
    • In ths store: Saving money on organics and healthy food
    • Cooking quick, easy, delicious meals
  5. Being healthy with your kids! Meditation, Stretching, Outdoors & Massage
  6. Couple’s Massage (Pair Massage)
  7. Hydrotherapy: Techniques, like the Vascular Flush
  8. Get Intuit: Access and Sharpen your existing Intuitive Powers!
  9. Being Alive – A more spirited you: Removing our limits and our fears
  10. Finding Presence – in a busy world: Making the space in our lives
  11. Spiritual practices – (Gratitude Lists; Contemplation: looking at the world outside of you and that inside, and gaining understanding of how you and the world operate; Authenticity – looking within to find the answer)


  1. Orienteering - The sport of using a map and compass to find your way in the wilderness.
  2. Mandarin lessons
  3. ESL for non-native English Speakers
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